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Time to Renew your ala Membership!

 Dues Renewal

  • A year-end poem just for legal management professionals: Kellie B. Narayan, the President-Elect and Programs & Education Chair for the Sacramento Valley Chapter, wrote a charming poem about the travails, tribulations and triumphs of the typical legal manager. (She’s Executive Director of Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney, LLP, in Sacramento.) An excerpt:

It’s year-end at the law firm
A time for toasts and cheers!
I almost hear the clinking
As good friends raise their beers.

The wine is wildly flowing
Whiles elves don tinsel caps
But you’ve got reams of paper
In reports upon your lap.

Read the full poem here. Thanks, Kellie!

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Webinar: Data Breaches and Hacking: Employer Implications and What You Should Do
Tuesday, January 16, 20182:00 PM - 3:00 PM (Eastern Time) Show in My Timezone

Speaker is Britt Waterman, Attorney with myHRcounsel.
The live webinar qualifies for one CLM credit hour. See flyer for details. While there is a dial-in available for this meeting, you must login from your computer for your attendance to be verified.
* Please use Chrome or Firefox. Anymeeting does not recommend Internet Explorer.

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East Bay Association of Legal Administrators

The East Bay Chapters Book Club

is excited to announce our next book selection

Killers of the Flower Moon:
The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI”

by David Grann

           In the 1920s, the richest people per capita in the world were members of the Osage Indian nation in Oklahoma. After oil was discovered beneath their land, they rode in chauffeured automobiles, built mansions, and sent their children to study in Europe.

            Then, one by one, the Osage began to be killed off. The family of an Osage woman, Mollie Burkhart, became a prime target. Her relatives were shot and poisoned. And it was just the beginning, as more and more members of the tribe began to die under mysterious circumstances.

            In this last remnant of the Wild West—where oilmen like J. P. Getty made their fortunes and where desperadoes like Al Spencer, the “Phantom Terror,” roamed—many of those who dared to investigate the killings were themselves murdered. As the death toll climbed to more than twenty-four, the FBI took up the case. It was one of the organization’s first major homicide investigations and the bureau badly bungled the case. In desperation, the young director, J. Edgar Hoover, turned to a former Texas Ranger named Tom White to unravel the mystery. White put together an undercover team, including one of the only American Indian agents in the bureau. The agents infiltrated the region, struggling to adopt the latest techniques of detection.  Together with the Osage they began to expose one of the most chilling conspiracies in American history.

            In Killers of the Flower Moon, David Grann revisits a shocking series of crimes in which dozens of people were murdered in cold blood. Based on years of research and startling new evidence, the book is a masterpiece of narrative nonfiction, as each step in the investigation reveals a series of sinister secrets and reversals. But more than that, it is a searing indictment of the callousness and prejudice toward American Indians that allowed the murderers to operate with impunity for so long. Killers of the Flower Moon is utterly compelling, but also emotionally devastating. (Amazon book review) 

          We will be meeting on Tuesday, February 6 at 5:45 p.m. at Miller Starr, 1331 N. California Blvd., 5th Floor in Walnut Creek, for our book group discussion. Joy Buchanan has graciously offered to host. I hope you can join your fellow EBALA members for this fun and enjoyable night.

          If there is a book you would like The East Bay Chapters to consider in the future, please let Tina Riehl know. Her email is:

Our book club is open to all members. Please join us at any time.

The only cost to you is the purchase of the book.

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January 26, 2018
7:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Lafayette Park Hotel, Independence Room 
3287 Mt. Diablo Blvd.
Lafayette, CA 94549



$50.00 MEMBERS: Issue check payable to EBALA. Mail to Joy Buchanan, Miller Starr Regalia, 1331 N. California Blvd., 5th Floor, Walnut Creek, CA 94596


$50.00 GUESTS: Issue check payable to EBALA. Mail to Joy Buchanan, Miller Starr Regalia, 1331 N. California Blvd., 5th Floor, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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Article of the Week

Expanding Your Horizons

Launching new, out-of-state satellite offices requires careful planning. If you’re contemplating opening a satellite office outside of the state or region your firm is currently located in, check out this month’s LI Feature, “Expanding Your Horizons” by regular Legal Management contributor Erin Brereton. It offers suggestions that may help prevent any unwanted — and potentially problematic — surprises.

Read more.

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Industry News

Continuing Education

  • Build your HR or FM knowledge: The first e-learning course of 2018, HR1: Employee Selection & Promotion, commences soon. Registration closes January 12; if you’re considering a Legal Management Specialist Certificate, bundle it with the second HR course to save. The first financial management course, Law Firm Accounting, debuts in May, though Annual Conference attendees can go to sessions there that qualify as FM1 and get on their way to earning a Specialist Certificate.
  • Have you registered for a webinar this month? Hit the ground running with your online education this year. Tune in live for one of the following webinars, or view an on-demand recording within about 48 hours.
    • How to Tell When Someone Is Lying: Videos of current events show you what to look and listen for when you’re trying to uncover the truth — from employees, clients and even children. Thursday, January 4, at 2 p.m. Central.
    • Building Effective Mentoring Programs: Many firms’ mentoring programs have not delivered on engagement and professional development. Examine the current research and find out the best design for your program. Thursday, January 11, at 2 p.m. Central.
    • 5 Key Commitments to Elevate Your Personal and Professional Success: Understand the dynamics of stress and how it affects you and your team. Then, learn how to manage it so it doesn’t interfere with your goals. Wednesday, January 17, at 2 p.m. Central.

Member Insights

Our members want to offer flexible work schedules for employees. They do not want to require an employee to notify me when they have chosen to work remotely. Do you require any notification of an intent to work remotely? Has a lack of notification worked out for you, if not? My mind is buzzing with “what if” scenarios and I’m just not sure how to address this with the members.

Continue reading the discussion.

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