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WEBINAR - Confronting The Oxymoron: The Economics of Well-Being

September 09, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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Confronting The Oxymoron: The Economics Of Well-Being

The spotlight on mental health and well-being in the legal profession has never been brighter.  More law firms legal departments, and law schools are establishing programs to do better, including signing the ABA's Well-being Pledge. Altruism isn't the only motivator for organizations taking better care of the health of their workforce.  There is also a compelling economic rationalle.  The $9.1 billion lost to attrition by 400 top US law firms in a single year demonstrates hint that there's significant economic motivation to drive a culture shift.  In this webinar, Renee Branson, an expert on well-being in high-performing organizations, and Tim Corcoran, a veteran presenter on law firm finance topies, will make the case for investing in well-being as they demonstrate impact it has on retention, innovation, performance, and incremental revenue and profit.

Learning Objecties:

  • Illustrate the key tenents of a well-being program, including the ABA Pledge
  • Demonstrate the economic rational and business case for improving workforce well-being
  • Provide guidance on how to get started and how to measure success



Tim Corcoran is a former CEO who guides law firm and law department leaders in the profitable disruption of outdated business models.  Renee Branson is a therapist, educator, and advisor to business leaders on building and sustaining well-being in the workforce.

Renee Branson's passion and purpose are helping individuals, teams and organizations cultivate resilience.  As a Certified Resilience Coach (CReC, she provides clients with immediately usable tools to increase resilience, well-being, and optimism in the workplace.  She works with lawyers, legal marketers, business professionals, non-profit leaders, and others to help them develop and incorporate resilience in their own professional lives and in the teams they lead.


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