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Rescheduled Halloween Bunco Is Now Valentine's Bunco!

February 12, 2020
5:30 AM - 8:00 PM





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Successful event ! ! 

Many thanks to our business partners for all of their support




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ALA CALENDAR - Upcoming Deadlines and Events

FEB. 11 Deadline to answer the call for volunteers
FEB. 11 Chapter Leader Educational Series: Chapter Educational Topics and Speakers Webcast and Roundtable
FEB. 13 ALA Webinar: Are You Ready for It? The Law Firm Office of the Future
FEB. 14 Deadline to receive the early bird rate for 2020 Annual Conference & Expo registration
FEB. 18 ALA Webinar: Writing as a Thought Leadership Strategy
FEB. 20 Deadline to apply for the April 20 Certified Legal Manager (CLM) ® exam
FEB. 27 ALA Webinar: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Server (or Do We?)
MAR. 4 ALA Webinar: The 2020 Election and the Practice and Business of Law
MAR. 9 Registration opens for HR2: Performance Management and Compensation
MAR. 10 Solutions Series Webcast: How Inadequate Mobile Technology Is Costing Your Firm Money and Time
MAR. 10 Chapter Leader Educational Series: Diversity and Inclusion Webcast
MAR. 11 ALA Webinar: Wait, Wait … It’s Made Out of What?

Register now for this upcoming event!
MAY 3–6 2020 Annual Conference & Expo, Salt Lake City, UT (early bird registration deadline is Feb. 14)

Save the date for these upcoming events!
JUL. 16–18 Chapter Leadership Institute, St. Louis, MO
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ALA   EVENTS                     ALA
There’s plenty to look forward to in addition to the Annual Conference & Expo
Denver’s dramatic vistas. Ever-popular Nashville. Washington, D.C., the capital of many types of legal practice. Sunny, oceanside San Diego.
These are all locales you can visit this year with ALA as we pepper events for professional education, career building and networking from coast to coast. On our 2020 calendar you’ll find familiar events, like the Intellectual Property Conference, as well as new editions of conferences that debuted last year, including the ALA Master Class.
We even have a few brand-new offerings: Leading Client Service Delivery Teams will help attendees accelerate profitability and client retention, while Mental Health First Aid Certification will teach participants how to assist someone experiencing a mental health crisis — situations, according to the ABA, that are all too familiar to legal management professionals who may currently be without the tools to deal with them.
Save the dates of the following events, and be sure to visit their homepages for more information:
This event is happening immediately after the 2020 Annual Conference & Expo (May 3–6) in the same venue. Have you registed for ALA’s largest gathering of the year yet? The chance to save up to $200 with early bird registration ends February 14.






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February 13: ALA member Jessica Mazzeo presents Are You Ready for It? The Law Firm Office of the Future, which will introduce participants to office trends and how to please different members of the ever-changing workforce.
If you’re going to Annual Conference, consider checking out similar sessions: Law Firm Space: Strategies for Moving or Redesigning Your Office, and Moving Toward a Shared Office Culture in the Legal Workplace.
February 18: Writing as a Thought Leadership Strategy will show you how to increase the visibility and credibility of you or your firm, even if you don’t believe you have writing chops.
February 27: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Server (or Do We?) will outline the pros and cons of having an on-premises server in the age of cloud computing.
From Marcia A. Zigrang, CLM, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, a member of the Chapter Resource Team:
Succession planning has been on the minds of ALA’s leadership for quite some time. It is more than figuring out who your next chapter leader will be — it’s a strategy and process for identifying, developing and passing on leadership roles so that your chapters continue to thrive. It’s also about helping to educate others in your chapter so they are equipped with the tools needed to be successful.
The Chapter Leader Educational Series (which has quickly been nicknamed “#miniCLI”) offers current and future chapter leaders insight, ideas and answers to lingering questions we all have. Attending the series’ monthly webcasts and roundtables is a great way to further your knowledge about different chapter areas, collaborate on specific topics of interest and continue to grow your chapter with new ideas and knowledge. But did you know that the Chapter Leader Educational Series is not just for current chapter leaders? Individuals who might benefit from learning more about a specific topic are encouraged to participate, and all chapter leaders should share the webcast and roundtable links with such interested parties.
Don’t worry if you can’t attend when a certain topic is being offered — each session is recorded so you can watch at your convenience. See you at the next webcast or roundtable discussion!
Relatively new to the legal industry? Transitioned from a specialized job (like in HR) to a role with more wide-ranging duties and oversight? Need a refresher of the trends shaping the future of the industry? These are some of the situations that would make you a prime target for ALA’s latest e-learning offering, The Basic Principles of the Legal Industry. Sign up now for five modules of e-learning to give yourself a foundation that will position you as a dynamic expert, innovator and strategic thinker within your firm.

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Need help justifying your attendance at #ALAConf20?
While you may understand the value of attending ALA’s 2020 Annual Conference & Expo, you may need to build a business case for your firm to justify the time and expense.
To help you, we’ve created an easy three-step Justification Toolkit to help gain your manager’s approval.
Step 1: Identify your manager’s or firm’s motivations when deciding your attendance.
Step 2: Quantify the ROI of your attendance.
Step 3: Present your business case in a letter to your manager.
To support you with each step, the Justification Toolkit includes:
  • A benefits worksheet
  • A budget worksheet
  • A letter template
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
Budget season is here and the early bird rate ends February 14, so the time to invest in growth is now. There’s no better time to start advocating to attend Annual Conference, happening May 3–6 in Salt Lake City, Utah.
2020 Annual Conference & Expo Agenda Preview
Make plans to attend the industry’s most significant annual event for legal management professionals, ALA’s Annual Conference & Expo, taking place May 3–6, 2020, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Do this for you, your career and your firm. We can promise you will have difficult learning choices to make — more than 70 educational sessions will be offered as part of our elevated program. Our business partners will be there in full force in a redesigned Exhibit Hall, and there will be ample opportunities to connect with colleagues.
In addition, vibrant Salt Lake City has something for everyone, so you can rest assured that attending the 2020 Annual Conference will be an impactful experience.
Here are 10 things you may not know about SLC:
  • It’s considered by even the most discerning critics to be one of the best foodie cities in the country.
  • The world’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise was opened here in 1952.
  • More lime Jell-O is eaten here per capita than anywhere else.
  • Many of Utah’s quirky liquor laws were overturned over a decade ago. From live music venues to microbreweries, SLC has over 180 locations to throw back an adult beverage.
  • It’s one of the most gay-friendly cities in the country. SLC has a large LGBTQ population and its current mayor is openly gay.
  • What many consider to be America’s first department store was opened in Utah, so you know there will be plenty of shopping options.
  • See why SLC is known as the Genealogy Capital of the World by visiting the Family History Library.
  • There are 21 national parks and monuments within a short drive. Visit utah.com to plan a pre- or postconference trip.
  • You can go for a swim in the Great Salt Lake — you’re guaranteed to float, as it is 10 times saltier than ocean water.
  • Utah has the “Greatest Snow on Earth” (for skiing and snowboarding), and it’s still likely to be visible in the mountains around SLC in early May.
Click here for more about Salt Lake City. Mark your calendar to join us! For more information, visit the all-new Annual Conference website.
Our committee looks forward to seeing you there!

Laura Sears, CLM
Chief Administrative Officer, Gould & Ratner LLP
2020 Annual Conference Committee Chair

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Did you know your ALA membership provides member-exclusive VIP services and discounts from nationally known companies to assist your firm? Log in to ALA and check out the VIP Program Overview for more information about ALA business partners. https://www.alanet.org/about/vip-program

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The Road to Becoming a Certified Legal Manager

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