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CYBER CHAPTER WEBINAR - Can the "Human" Be Back in HR?

July 16, 2019
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

HR, Payroll, Benefit and Employment Compliance are always changing and have so many rabbit trails, even the March Hare (Alice in Wonderland) would have thrown in his watch.

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East Bay Chapter ALA Board Meeting

July 16, 2019
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Knox Ricksen LLP
2033 N. Main Street, Suite 340
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

July Board Meeting

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East Bay Chapters Book Club Meeting

July 30, 2019
5:45 PM to 7:00 PM

Scott's Seafood Restaurant
1333 North California Boulevard
Walnut Creek,, CA 94596

EBALA Members and Business Partners Welcome!

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East Bay Chapter Bunco Social

October 30, 2019
5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

FALL SOCIAL - BUNCO NIGHT!! Members & Business Partners Invited
At Home Of Member - Address To Be Provided Upon Registration
Orinda, CA

Don't miss the spookiest social of the year!

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HR26 Accommodations and Leaves of Absence: Law Firms Confronting the FMLA and ADA

Michael Cohen

When a law firm employee needs time away from work for an illness or injury, or after the birth of a child, the employee is concerned about two things: 1) Will I still have my job? and 2) Will I get paid while I am away? Correctly answering these questions requires a law firm employer to master the interplay of laws governing leaves of absence, including the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA); the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA); and insurance programs, such as short-term disability and workers' compensation benefits. 


  • Identify best practices for coordinating these obligations.
  • Discuss one of the most challenging FMLA administration issues —intermittent FMLA absences.
  • Explain how manager frustration with unanticipated absences due to chronic conditions can lead to increased legal risks when managers are unaware of their obligations under the FMLA.
  • Examine how employee abuse of intermittent FMLA leave lowers coworkers' moral and negatively impacts operational efficiencies.

Recorded at the 2018 ALA Annual Conference, National Harbor, Maryland

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ALA CALENDAR - Upcoming Deadlines and Events

ALA 300-250  

JUL. 9 ALA Webinar: The Ins and Outs of Payroll, Taxes and Reporting
JUL. 11 Online Town Hall: Proposed bylaw amendment on Associate Membership
JUL. 12 Deadline to submit your data to the 2019 Compensation and Benefits Survey
JUL. 12 Deadline to register for the Chapter Leadership Institute
JUL. 12 Summit Series Webcast: Stewart Levine
JUL. 12 Registration closes for HR1 and FM1 e-learning courses
JUL. 15 Registration opens for HR2 and FM2 e-learning courses
JUL. 16 ALA Webinar: Putting Out Fires: Hot Topics in Law Firm HR
JUL. 17 ALA Webinar: The Future of Law Practice Management
JUL. 17 Voting closes for proposed bylaw amendment on Associate Membership
JUL. 19 Summit Series Webcast: Michelle Tillis Lederman
JUL. 25 ALA Webinar: Shedding Light on the Challenges and Trends Facing Today’s Legal Sector
JUL. 26 Summit Series Webcast: James Robbins
JUL. 26 Solutions Series Webcast:Administering a Modern Law Office
JUL. 29 Deadline to apply for ALA’s Nominating Committee

Register now for these upcoming events!
JUL. 25–27 Chapter Leadership Institute, Louisville, KY
SEP. 18–20 C4: The Legal Industry™ Conference, Boston, MA (early bird registration closes Aug. 5)
SEP. 26–27 Intellectual Property Conference for Legal Management Professionals, Washington, D.C. (early bird registration closes Aug. 15)
OCT. 21–23 ALA Master Class: Leadership for Legal Management Professionals, Seattle, WA (early bird registration closes Sep. 9)
OCT. 24 Managing for Impact, Seattle, WA

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The next Certified Legal Manager (CLM)® exam period is gearing up again, so don’t get left behind. The fall certification exam takes place November 4, though registration ends September 4. Between now and then, prospective CLMs must complete their education prerequisites, submit an application and begin studying. Take a look at the following resources to find information and tools for all those tasks:

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